"Knowing your soil through data"

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KestrelEye™ Insite Ag Monitors are designed to provide agronomy data to make better management decisions.


Sensor options are -


Soil Moisture


    • 24 soil moisture and temperature sensors
    • 80cm or 120cm probe lengths to choose from
    • Measurements every 10cm depth
    • 6 V solar power kit & connectivity module
    • Suitable for all crop root depths
    • Set-and-forget maintenance free
    • Easy field installation
    • Improve farm decision making

Rain Gauge


    • Highly accurate daily and accumulated rainfall
    • Rate of rainfall readings
    • Aerodynamic shape for high wind areas
    • Included bird-deterrent spikes
    • Includes solar power kit and connectivity module
    • Improve farm decision making

Pressure Sensor



    • Corrosion free liquid / gas pressure sensor
    • Suitable for tanks, water systems, living environments
    • Pressure Measurement Range: 0~1.6 Mpa
    • IP68 waterproof sensor
    • Easy thread-in installation
    • 6 Volt 2 Watt solar power kit & connectivity module